When it comes to cycling, there are many benefits to this sport or hobby. Cycling is a way of exercising and this comes with a range of benefits. Some of this will include increased cardiovascular fitness, keeping one’s weight gain in check by decreasing body fat levels. One will be able to improve their posture and coordination and increase muscle strength and flexibility. One’s moods are also boosted and there is a decrease in stress levels. With all these benefits, cycling is an exercise that one needs to consider taking. For a woman who is planning to take up the sport, what should they consider as they plan to buy a bicycle? Below is a guide to help choose the right bike.

Choosing the right bike

Ladies bike


One may wonder why they should buy a ladies bike and not the standard bicycle orunisex bikes that are in the market. This is because a ladies bike has been designed to suit a ladies need. This will make them more comfortable for the lady to use. One of the features that is on the bike is a shorter reach, this is a shorter distance between the saddle and the handlebars. This gives the rider a more upright position and feel while on the bike. The shorter reach can be achieved by either designing the bike with a shorter steeper seat tube angle, shorter top tube or shorter stem on the handlebars.

The other feature is women’s bikes are usually designer with a frame that is a smaller size down as compared to the unisex bicycles. This is able to cater for the baby structure that women have. Lastly, the bike is designed with a lowered or sloping top tube allowing for a lower standover height.

Type of bikes

Different types of bikes will tackle different terrains and needs. One needs to determine what type of riding they will be doing to be able to choose the right bike. Do you plan to be riding on the road with a group or alone, are you looking for a bike to ride to work? Do you want to tackle the terrain of a local hiking path or mountain? Are you looking to keep fit and healthy and want a damesfiets aanbieding? Do you want a bike that will get you around or one that you will be riding with your kids? Bikes can be road bikes, mountain bikes or hybrid bikes.


It is essential for one to choose a bike that will be comfortable for them to ride. A wrong size will bring difficulty, awkwardness when riding and can be unsafe. Be sure to try out the bike and make the proper adjustments to suit your body frame and size. The usually feature that is adjusted is the saddle height. But the reach to the handlebars and handler height can also be fine-tuned.


,xklxklxkxkxkIt is vital to work out how much one intends to spend on the bike. Different bikes will range in cost. Determining early your price point will help one stay within their budget.