The human body relies on proper blood supply for most of its functions. When you are relaxing or going about your daily chores at home, the body uses red blood cells to supply oxygen as well as food nutrients to various body organs. Because of this, it is important to ensure that there is an easy blood flow all the time. It all starts with the way the heart pumps, and how the veins and arteries contribute to the flow. However, there are various situations that can make it difficult for body fluid to flow easily, and this can lead to serious health problems. For those who spend most of their time at home, it may be quite difficult to tell when there is a problem with this flow. However, you can always be safe if you know how to detect the following signs and symptoms of bad blood circulation.

Numbness and loss of sensation


Numbness is mostly felt in the hands, feet, and toes. Sometimes, these parts may also show tingling when stimulated. It is because the nerves and the skin cells in these parts have been deprived of the important nutrients that the blood supplies. When there is no supply of blood to the nerves in the toes, they will lose their ability to sense and therefore, you may not even notice it when you get injured. This is the reason there are people who can step on hot or sharp surfaces, but they will not even notice it. Others will require special equipment and gear to ensure that they remain safe.

Unusual changes in skin temperatures


Poor flow of blood can also be noticed through unusual changes in temperature. If your hands are suddenly cold, or the feet feel too cold that you usually feel, it could be because there is not enough blood reaching those ends. This can also happen to the ears. What you may not know is that these organs rely on blood to supply the energy that generates heat. Blood also directly regulates the heat around this organs, and therefore, a cut in supply means that there will be a major effect.



An acute lack of energy may also mean that blood is not flowing the way it should. After several moments of deprived of important nutrients and organs, the cells that form body organs will start giving in, and this means that most of the body system will not work the way it should. The heart will not have enough energy to pump blood, and the muscles will be too weak to function. This can also lead to loss of activity because the body hardly has enough energy to do what it should. Such situations are not helped through the intake of energy drinks until the circulation process resumes.


Other symptoms of bad blood flow include dry skin, loss of hair, and swelling of the feet. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should know some of the home remedies that can help you besides visiting a doctor. You may want to try physical exercise, yoga, detoxification, and a change to your diet.